Dr. Ionna Mentzelopoulou


Ioanna G. Mentzelopoulou, D.D.S.

Ioanna Mentzelopoulou first moved to New York from Greece in 1992. She ended up falling in love with New York City and she never went back.

Ioanna incorporates into her pediatric dentistry practice a caring and gentle touch. She is a natural with children and she treats them with respect. Ioanna understands the responsibility she has to guide children in dentistry through a supportive and enriched environment .

The aim of this approach is showing how to make children familiar with dentistry in their everyday life. The result is an atmosphere of community and collaboration that is developmentally appropriate for adults and children alike. Ioanna trusts parents to be informed and productive members of a cooperative dental team.

Ioanna is also involved in organized dentistry. She is a board member of New York County Dental Society and a liaison of the board to Children’s Health Committee. She has represented New York State at the American Dental Association as a New Dentist Committee Member from 2005-2009.

Currently, she enjoys private practice and she is a mom to 4 years old Theano who she adores.